Soleil de Minuit

Hyperborea is a perfect land, bordered by an eternal sun.

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Les Mains dans le Feu

Les Mains dans le Feu


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Original Stickers (2) of the unknown collective «Les Mains Dans Le Feu»

Date de livraison estimée : mai 2018

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Original Embroidery Patch & Stickers (2) of the unknown collective «Les Mains Dans Le Feu»

Date de livraison estimée : mai 2018

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A Small Poster (11x17in) of the Effigy in memoriam photo, an Embroidery Patch & Stickers (2) of the unknown collective «Les Mains Dans Le Feu»

Date de livraison estimée : juin 2018

250 $

A Large Poster (24x36in) of the Effigy in memoriam photo, an Embroidery Patch & Stickers (2) of the unknown collective «Les Mains Dans Le Feu»

Date de livraison estimée : juin 2018

500 $

A complete Night with the Pope, A Large Poster of the Pope (24x36in) of the Effigy in memoriam photo, an Embroidery Patch & Stickers (2) of the unknown collective «Les Mains Dans Le Feu» signed by the Pope.

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Last January, we received the mission to create and build the effigy of Hyperborea 2018.

We now have the honor to present you Soleil de Minuit, the eternal sun that will illuminate the hyperborean valleys and our cheerful presence for a memorable celebration. It will also help the lighting for our Midnight Poutine shifts.

The effigy will be made of 1400 lbs of lumber wood and 10 lbs of screws.

All the funds will help to finance building materials, hardware rental, lightning, magical stuff and building weekend needs. (Details in the Budget section)

In Greek mythology the Hyperboreans (Ancient GreekὙπερβόρε(ι)οι, pronounced [hyperbóre(ː)ɔi̯]LatinHyperborei) were a mythical race of giants who lived "beyond the North Wind". The Greeks thought that Boreas, the god of the North Wind (one of the Anemoi, or "Winds") lived in Thrace, and therefore Hyperborea indicates a region that lay far to the north of Thrace.

This land was supposed to be perfect, with the sun shining twenty-four hours a day, which to modern ears suggests a possible location within the Arctic Circle during the Midnight Sun-time of year.

The arctic continent on the Gerardus Mercator map of 1595.


Material                            1250$        
   Lumber wood
   Tools accessories
Production                          500$
   Work weekend
   Hardware Rental
Lightning                            250$
   Lightning rental 
   Magical stuff
Installation & Anchoring      400$
   Cables & Rope
   Custom stakes
   Staging rental 
Ignition & Fire Safety           100$
Merchandise                        500$
   Perks & other


Hyperborea Effigy Grant     1000$
Fundraiser Party                   500$
Crowdfunding                    1500$

* All extras incomes will be directly injected into flame effects funding!!

A team of burn supervisors will ensure a complete combustion of the effigy. All metal debris and ashes will be collected with rakes and magnetic brooms, on Sunday afternoon. Any recovered metal will be melted and repurposed for creating a hammer’s head, that will serve as the official sledgehammer of the Festival. The ashes will be spread on the fields of the Lavoie family farm, to increase a bountiful potato crop. These harvests will help feed future festival-goers.

"Les Mains dans le Feu", also unknown under the name "Les Enfants Terribles", is a collective of Montrealers. It represents the creative chapter of Midnight Poutine, the one who put things on fire...

«Les Mains dans le Feu», aussi inconnus sous le nom de «Les Enfants Terribles», est un collectif d'humains montréalais. Il représente le chapitre créatif de Midnight Poutine, celui qui criss des affaires en feu...

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