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ARTISTA: Help Us Empower Young Women

Imago Theatre's Free Theatre Mentorship Program for Young Women
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    An custom ARTISTA Newsletter with updates about the program, a special Facebook thank you, a tax receipt for your donation and your name listed as an Official Partner on our final ARTISTA performance program.

    Une infolettre ARTISTA personnalisée avec des mises à jour sur le programme, un remerciement Facebook spécial, un reçu d’impôt pour votre don et votre nom dans la liste des partenaires officiels lors de la représentation finale du programme ARTISTA.    

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    A video from the 2018 ARTISTA participants expressing their thanks, a tax receipt for your donation and the other perks listed above.

    Un vidéo de remerciements de la part des participantes du programme ARTISTA 2018, un reçu d’impôt pour votre don et tous les autres avantages énumérés ci-dessus.

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    An invitation to join us for one of our weekly meals, and a tax receipt for your donation. 

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    Two tickets to Imago's upcoming production, a free 2 hour theatre workshop led by the ARTISTA team, and a tax receipt for your donation. 

    Deux billets pour la prochaine représentation d’Imago, un atelier de théâtre gratuit d'une durée de 2 heures mené par l'équipe d'ARTISTA  ainsi qu'un reçu d’impôt pour votre don.

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Toutes les contreparties Bourses TELUS du 375<sup>e</sup>

Sous la rubrique : Art et culture

vidéo de présentation photo de présentation With: Ajah Richards, Adriana Cignola, Destiny Gregoire, Nickisha Thomas, Anouk Matte, Caitlin Heiligmann, Amanda Coochey, Olivia Hawkes With: Nickisha Thomas

Le projet

Help Us Keep ARTISTA Free! 

ARTISTA provides an accessible platform for young women to hone their sense of expression, build confidence, connect with other emerging and established theatre artists, and feel empowered to become agents of change in their communities. 

ARTISTA is Imago Theatre's FREE theatre mentorship program for young women in need.* It is heading into its fourth year this January, 2018. 

ARTISTA gives priority of acceptance to marginalized, culturally diverse young women who are recent arrivals in Canada and / or who live in Little Burgundy.

ARTISTA cultivates a network of emerging and professional artists who support each other throughout their artistic careers.

*Refer to Q. #5 for an our definition of "in need."

À quoi servira le montant demandé ?

Your partnership will support Imago Theatre in our goal to raise the remaining $5,000 needed to ensure that 15 dynamic young women will receive 15 weeks of meaningful and accessible arts mentorship from 3 leading professionals in the field. 

Our 3 mentors offer:

  • One-on-one mentorship;
  • Workshops in movement, voice, and theatrical text creation; 
  • Invaluable insight into the the professional theatre world.

This year, we are working with an amazing team of mentors experienced in theatre, film, TV, commercials, animation, and creating theatre from the ground up. 

The 2018 ARTIST mentors are: 

Lucinda Davis: Actor, Voice Actor, Producer 

Julie Tamiko Manning: Actor, Theatre Creator 

Felicia Shulman: Actor, Mover, Singer

L'origine du projet

“Study after study has shown us that when women are 
fully empowered and engaged, all of society benefits.” 

- Asha-Rose Migiro 
United Nations 3rd Deputy Secretary-General

Micheline Chevrier, Artistic and Executive Director of Imago Theatre, always wanted to offer free theatre training and mentorship to Montreal's young women. Joy Ross-Jones, ARTISTA's Program Director, has always been passionate about teaching theatre to young women. When Joy joined the Imago team in 2013, the conversation about Imago's mentorship program began and ARTISTA came into focus.

ARTISTA is inspired by The AMY Project, an amazing free theatre mentorship program for young women and non-binary youth, which began in Toronto in 2005.


Pour en savoir plus

By donating to ARTISTA you are:

  • Nourishing young women’s voices and creating a platform for them to be heard
  • Helping to expand our collective understanding of the multiplicity of women’s identities
  • Setting a precedent for a plurality of stories to be told, thus nurturing empathy in our communities
  • Contributing to our efforts to reach gender equity in the performing arts.

For more information about Imago Theatre and ARTISTA visit us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, and our Website

What are ARTISTA's activities?

The ARTISTA team and participants meet once a week for 15 weeks from January 22nd-May 17th, 2018 on Monday nights from 5:30 pm- 10:00 pm. Our venue is the beautiful Georges-Vanier Cultural Centre (2450 rue Workman) in the South West neighbourhood of Little Burgundy

Each ARTISTA session begins with a meal. During this time, participants, mentors, program directors and invited guests talk about theatre, reflect on productions we've seen around Montreal, discuss gender empowerment, and learn about each other's professional life paths and aspirations. ARTISTA provides a space for discussion and learning around gender and womanhood. Mentors and participants are enriched by the exchange of lived experiences and diverse perspectives. Together we explore and expand the definition of "female."

We then move into the workshop portion of the evening. ARTISTA's workshop space is a brave space where we engage our bodies and imaginations, while expanding our craft through workshops in movement, voice and text creation that are led by 3 professional theatre artists. We pay special attention to creating and sharing stories that respond to the world around us. 

Throughout the 15 weeks, we also go to see professional theatre productions around Montreal. This gives participants a sense of the variety of performance styles and methods and offers them an opportunity to articulate their opinions on the shows they see. 

Over the course of the 15 weeks, we collectively create a performance of original stories and content that that we present to an audience of invited artists and community members. 

What 2017 Participants say about their experience in ARTISTA?

"ARTISTA is a valuable chance to explore a lot of different aspects of theatre and performance in a "brave" space. 
You will be supported, you will be challenged, you will be heard."
- Victoria

“I gained a lot of food for thought on my own experience as a queer woman of colour trying to make art.” 
- Violette, 2017 Participant

“Artista helped me develop much needed connections as well as training.” 
- Mercedeh

“Artista has been extremely useful as it’s helped me put my foot in the door for theatre connection in Montreal and has inspired so much confidence in my own ability to create. That’s huge!” 
- Rilla

"I felt free to use my voice in a way I wouldn’t as often, knowing that people would listen, as too often I am told to be quite...
It was validating and safe space to explore my thoughts, which is difficult for women to find.”
- Jayati

“I have never felt a more generous, open-hearted, patient, and successful creation environment in my life. Seriously. The amount of care, empathy, courage, and patience I witnessed was life-changing.” 
- Samantha


Why is ARTISTA only for young women?

Imago Theatre is a catalyst for conversation, an advocate for equal representation and a hub for stories about unstoppable women. ARTISTA is an extension of Imago's women-focused mandate.

While great strides have been made in Montreal to achieve gender equity, there is still a need to empower women, especially women of diverse cultural backgrounds and ethnicities, women of diverse physical abilities, and women from lower socio-economic backgrounds. ARTISTA strives for  gender equity through an intersectionally feminist lens by supporting a diverse group of 15 young women to gain confidence in their own voices, take up space in the world, and feel free to pursue their creative and professional aspirations, no matter what those may be. 

Regarding ARTISTA's women specific environment, Mercedeh Baroque (from the 2017 ARTISTA session) said, “It was completely necessary to have it be a women specific space to give us a safe space. This was a great choice.” 

Where does the rest of the money for ARTISTA come from?

We are working hard to sustain and expand the ARTISTA program and its role in the Montreal community. The program has benefited from the support of partners and funders far and wide.

This year we have received support from the the RBC Foundation, and we hope to receive support from long-term funders, the Fondation du Grand Montreal, as well as a new potential partnership, the Evenko Foundation. We’ve also just completed an exciting fundraising initiative in partnership with Youtheatre, The National Theatre School of Canada and Playwrights' Workshop Montreal. Through these efforts we have secured the majority of ARTISTA’s budget, but we still need to raise $5,000 before the year’s end to ensure the full realization of this vital program.

Thank you to our long-term partners, the Georges-Vanier Cultural Centre for providing ARTISTA with a beautiful creation space for the fourth consecutive year. 

What do we mean when we say "young women in need"?

The ARTISTA team has defined ‘in need’ as coming from low income families, suffering from social anxiety or mental illness, being a visible minority (with special interest in Indigenous young women) and lacking support from parents for their interest in the performing arts. Given the influx of immigrants and refugees into Montreal and Canada, ARTISTA has expanded its definition of ‘need’ to include recent arrivals in Montreal.

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