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With a generous contribution of 10$, we will give written thanks to the contributor and his/her organization in our monthly newsletter at the end of the campaign.

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Information Package

With a generous contribution of 20$, we will provide the contributor with all of the previous perks, plus:

- A detailed information package on the current challenges facing society with regards to depression, and our solution for dealing with this challenge. This will be a PDF document, delivered within one month of the close of our campaign. It will include some of our published material as well as an introduction suitable for all readers. 

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- Grant the contributor the ability to ask our founding team 3 personalized questions from our fields of expertise, be it in psychiatry, neuroscience, or computer science.

We will work hard to deliver comprehensive, evidence based responses to your questions and address any concerns you may have. 

(Note: for legal and ethical reasons we will not be able to provide any medical consultations or answers to specific questions about the health of an individual).

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Private Meeting Package

With a generous contribution of 250$, we will provide all previous perks, plus: 

- Arrange an exclusive meeting with our founders, where the contributor can ask us questions and pick our brains on using AI in healthcare, AI ethics, and the AI ecosystem. 

(Note: for legal and ethical reasons we will not be able to provide any medical consultations or answers to specific questions about the health of an individual).

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Presentation Package

With a generous contribution of 500$, we will prepare a presentation for the contributor and/or their organization or educational institution. This could take the form of a workshop for your company/school/class

This presentation may be tailored to individual preferences and organization needs, and may include either:

1. A discussion on how to marry science and entrepreuneurship 

2. A discussion on depression, mental health, and wellness

3. A technical presentation on programming, AI, and machine learning

4. A workshop on AI ethics (generally or specific to healthcare)

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Depression is a serious problem for too many people.

The inability to predict which treatment will work best for which patient means that often, it's only after the 3rd or 4th treatment that a patient sees improvement. The result is prolonged patient suffering and rising healthcare costs.

To address this challenge, we are creating a tool for physicians and patients, that will bring personalized medicine to psychiatry, using the Artificial Intelligence technique known as "deep learning".

With our AI tool, you and your doctor will be able to use your personal characteristics to choose a treatment that works for you. By helping you recover faster and experience less side effects, you, your family and society benefits.

Over the past 4 months we have been building partnerships with researchers and health care centers around the world, which have allowed us to access LOTS of data on depression treatments- from psychotherapy, to medication, to exercise and yoga.

The money we raise will be used to help complete development of a tool to help doctors and patients make decisions about treatments, and to help analyze the data we have collected and translate it to the real world by preparing our AI application for clinical trials. 

Beginning in 2017 as a small group of students interested in mental health and technology, we became aware of a significant challenge facing clinicians and patients: finding the treatment that works best for each of the 300 million people worldwide struggling with depression.

We realized that advancements in AI provided a solution: we can determine, based on individual characteristics, who is likely to benefit from which treatment, and which side effects are most likely to occur.

We are confident that with our passion, clinical and lived experience, multidisciplinary approach and diverse skillsets we can solve this problem, and so far we have made significant progress.

For more information, check us out on our website, facebook, or twitter.

Our very own Sonia Israel was featured on CBC's Spark Podcast, where she discussed our plans for improving depression treatment, and this segment can be found here.

If you have questions, comments, concerns, or ideas, we would love to hear from you. We love working with people with lived experience and many members of our team have lived experience with depression and other conditions. Please do not hesitate to contact us via social media or by sending us an email.

Our 5 Founders:

  • David Benrimoh, MD.,CM.

    • David is a psychiatry resident with significant experience in computational psychiatry, neuroscience, advocacy, leadership and health policy.

  • Robert Fratila, B.Sc.

    • Robert is a computer scientist with a passion for healthcare technology, and an expert in AI machine-learning.

  • Kelly Perlman, B.Sc.

    • Kelly is a neuroscientist who leads the research team in identifying predictors of treatment response in psychiatry.

  • Marc Mirseco, MD,.CM.

    • Marc is a psychiatrist with 15 years’ experience, and has experience developing mobile applications for physicians and patients.  

  • Sonia Israel, B.Sc.

    • Sonia is a neuroscientist with a skill for building partnerships and collaborations in the healthcare sector.

In addition to our 5 founding members, we have a group of diverse and enthusiastic student volunteers who have been working tirelessly towards our goal of providing personalized care in mental health.

We also have a large network of advisors and collaborators at research institutions across the world. These advisors, leaders in their respective fields in psychiatry, neuroscience, machine learning and AI, and bioethics, are crucial in guiding our development process.

A full list of volunteers and advisors can be found on our website!

Depression is a very serious problem, in Canada and across the world.

Major depression affects between 11.1% and 18% of people over the course of their lives, meaning that it's likely you or someone you know and love will suffer from depression. It is a condition associated with many negative health outcomes, including suicide, and given that over 300 million people are suffering from depression today, we think this is a problem that needs to be addressed urgently. 

Depression comes at a high cost to both patients and society. It is also a condition that cuts across cultural and socioeconomic lines.

Our innovation will allow allow anyone affected to recover from depression faster and reduce unwanted side effects, allowing them to return to happy and fulfilling lives.

A positive by-product of this will be significantly decreased healthcare costs, as the length of time to recovery and the number of failed treatments will be reduced. Given that rising healthcare costs and lost productivity because of depression are some of the largest challenges facing society today, we are optimistic that our tool will alleviate some of the economic burden of depression as well. This benefits everyone in our society.

Great question, and the answer is no!

We are scientists concerned with improving treatment for all mental health conditions, but we chose to start by tackling depression. Depression is extremely common, and there has been lots of clinical research done to study which treatments are effective and which are not. This helps us by giving us the data needed to make our clinical tool.

Once we are satisfied and haven’t  maximized the potential of our innovation within the area of depression, we plan on expanding to other mental health conditions (Ex. psychosis, anxiety, PTSD) and even non-mental health related illnesses. We are optimistic that our AI technology can be applied across a range of conditions and medical specialties.

AI usually refers to computers that do complex tasks in a way that seems flexible and intelligent, and almost human! One popular example of this is teaching a computer to play chess. In the 1990's, after being taught the rules and previous examples of the game, these chess programs could beat world champions. More recently, AI has been used to beat the world champion of the game "Go".

Another aspect of intelligence is the ability to learn. When we use machine learning, it can help find structure and patterns in data that is too vast, complex, or disorganized for a single human brain to handle on its own!

The development of machine learning has opened up a world of possibilities in terms of real world applications, and we believe healthcare is one sector that can be significantly improved. We will be the first company to use deep-learning (a type of machine learning) technology to "teach" computer programs with data from mental health clinical trials and the scientific community. Once our program has been "trained", your doctor will be able to use the program to choose a treatment that is right for you, with extremely high accuracy. This will allow you to get better, faster.

Since the topic of AI of can scare some people, we would like to mention that our technology is designed to work with you and your doctor, not to make decisions for you. It is simply the ideal assistant to the healthcare practitioners of today and tomorrow.

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