Philip Boumansour

CEO & Partner

A lifelong entrepreneur and business investor for over 25 years, Philip’s business interests have ranged from retail, distribution, import/export, and, for the past 13 years, ecommerce and digital marketing.

His acute business sense, combined with strong analytical and critical thinking and a great sense of adventure makes him a determined leader with a “let’s think outside the box” attitude.

Philip specializes in business optimization and growth, having either bought or built from the ground up over a dozen companies, ranging from small mom-and-pop businesses to multi-million dollar organizations. Through it all, his vision is centered on people - businesses are built around people. No matter the size or type of organization, his priority will always be to create a professional ambiance of family, trust, and loyalty.

Currently partner and CEO of DashThis since January 2016, Philip has overseen the organization’s rapid expansion and the exponential increase in its financial and human assets.