Tips for promoters


Before you get started with your campaign, take a look at the information contained in the following pages: A campaign’s main steps and Successfully complete your campaign.


Test your project with a target market to ensure its viability:

1. Share your vision with your friends and people who might be interested. Take their impressions and comments into account.
2. Make sure your project is easily understood.
3. Validate and assess your target audience’s level of interest.


Be certain that your project is allowed in its form:

1. Is what you are planning to create legal in Quebec?
2. Is your project allowed by municipal law?
3. Figure out the permits and licenses you need to complete your project; your contributors may question you about it.


Plan all the details of your project:

1. People will want to know when and how you plan to carry out the project you are presenting. Take the lead and explain your intentions!
2. Plan the human and material resources required for each implementation step.
3. Do not hesitate to consult professionals to make sure you don’t forget anything or take advantage of free resources like the ones offered by SAJE.


Your project is ready?

1. Take a look at the information contained in the following pages: A campaign’s main steps and Successfully complete your campaign.
2. Create a user account on La Ruche.
3. Answer the questions.
4. Add links, video clips, and other forms of content related to your project and make sure you use material for which you own the rights, or is royalty free. If you use public content, credit the author or creator.
5. Associate a Stripe account with your account. If you don’t have a Stripe account, you can easily create one.
6. Submit your project. Take note that your project will initially be visible to La Ruche’s team only. A team member will contact you for a custom review before it goes online.



Get people talking about your project

1. Tell everyone you know. Provide them with the link to your project and encourage them to share it. You can create a tracking tool to make sure you don’t forget anyone as well as plan reminders.
2. Contact bloggers, journalists, and other influential people who cover topics like yours.
3. Get involved in discussions and events that relate to your industry.
4. Always look for new ways to contact as many people as possible and to gain the most visibility.


Make use of social networks

1. Beforehand, create a Facebook page for your project and share everything you enter in the “News” section of La Ruche.
2. Create your community of fans: share the link to your project on Facebookand frequently remind people about it, always using relevant and new reasons to do so.
3. Create a Twitter account. Become a reference by providing information on topics similar to yours.
4. Sign up for Flickr and/or Instagram to add visual content to your project and share images on social networks.


Make your community come alive

1. Regularly read your visitors’ comments and questions. Answer them as quickly and as openly as possible. Consider their views and suggestions. Never forget you are representing your company, always be mindful of ethics and be respectful in your interactions.
2. Create and share new content diligently to keep members in your community interested.
3. Provide regular updates of your project’s progress by providing a summary of the issues addressed since the last update.
4. Tell your contributors that you will stay in touch with them. Let them know they can continue to be involved if they wish, even once the campaign is over, and tell them how they can do so.
5. Seek to constantly improve your offer without changing the campaign’s purpose, and try to periodically add new and relevant perks to stimulate people’s interest.



A showcase for your company

When contributing to your campaign, contributors take the time to ask about your project but also to show their interest in learning more about your company. In return, take care of them. Answer them quickly and honestly and maintain a good interaction. Also maketime for thanking your contributors.


Make your project grow

If the interest keeps on growing and you keep on collecting great suggestions, consider the possibility of planning a new fundraising campaign to develop a second phase to the project.

Communicate your intentions and the goals of the new campaign with your community.