How it works?

How can La Ruche help with your project?


La Ruche provides a crowdfunding platform to promoters.

La Ruche is also composed of real people, ready to answer your questions and guide you in your crowdfunding adventure.

By choosing La Ruche’s platform, promoters get great visibility locally. Your project becomes alive for your target audience: your future clients.

Le Ruche gives you access to the experience and expertise of your region’s SM40 Ambassadors which you can benefit from during one of the monthly Cells.

For more information, visit our About La Ruche page.


Project’s eligibility criteria


All projects are welcomed as long as they leave a social, economic or cultural mark in the province of Quebec. La Ruche reserves the right to refuse a project if it is deemed contrary to ethics or illegal or if its subscription on the platform is incomplete.


Crowdfunding inner workings


In order to receive the monetary contributions, the promoter must collect, within the time limits established for the campaign, the totality of the amount necessary for the project to be realized. Should the campaign fail to reach its goal, the contributors will not be charged nor will La Ruche charge anything to the promoter.


You have a project ? These pages will guide you: A campaingn’s main steps and Tips for promoters.