Teach Kindness First

Kindness as the rule for a more peaceful home and school.

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Le but de ce projet est d'améliorer la communication entre les enseignant(e)s, les parents et les enfants, une conversation authentique et empathique à la fois.

The mission statement for my book project, Teach Kindness First, is simple: I wish to build a kinder world, one empathetic conversation at a time. 

I believe it is the lack of a shared language and misinterpretations in communication that are at the base of most, if not all, of the conflicts we experience in our daily lives.

We must get back to the basics and truly embrace the notion that it takes a village to raise a child. If we are ever to all be on the same page, it’s time we start reading the same book.

L'argent amassé servira à financer la préparation pour la publication, la traduction, l'impression et la promotion de mon premier livre. 

The money collected will serve to edit, print, advertise and translate my first book. 

Je reçois souvent des commentaires qui ressemble à, "Comment ça se peut que tu saches toujours la bonne chose à dire?" Je crois que tout le monde est capable d'apprendre à être un meilleur communicateur. J'offre tout simplement des outils pratiques et faciles à intégrer dans sa vie quotidienne. 

Teach Kindness First was born the day I decided to start recording my most memorable conversations that had positive outcomes.  I would say "it" found "me".

The feedback I have received from colleagues and parents alike demonstrates a wish and a need for this book to become a reality.

While my blog, teachkindnessfirst.com, coupled with my Gem of the Day videos are already serving the community, nothing can take the place of a book.

I have been actively networking and researching for the final steps of publishing the book. I have begun promoting myself on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I have made my first contact with my school board in order to begin the process of spreading the word of my project. The parent community at my school has been enthusiastic about it as well. I have also made a contact with someone who can connect me to publishing houses that may be interested in my book.

I think we can all agree that this world could use a little more kindness and empathy. 

Once I self-publish, I will be visiting book stores, daycares and schools to promote my book. From there, I will get a publisher to pick up the project. Of course that would not stop me from advertising myself through free bookmarks, business cards, Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

I took a differed sabbatical for an entire year to write this book. Up until now, the biggest investment has been my time. Some investments have been made in terms of purchasing my Chromebook, my Wordpress domain (which I will soon upgrade to a business account), along with video software whcih I will use for creating a higher quality product for my Gems of the Day and advertising. 

Teach Kindness First est une ressource qui offre des stratégies pratiques et facile à intergrer dans la vie quotidienne pour améliorer la connection entre les enseingnants, les élèves et les parents.

The perspective I am sharing is a direct reflection of the current educational system and the reality in our homes.

This book provides us all with the necessary tools to engage in meaningful conversations that bring about positive change. Through kindness and empathy, we learn to withhold judgement and appreciate one another.

As this book becomes a main resource for our region, the shared language throughout our schools, our homes and our province will only bring greater joy and happiness to our lives.

The rewards chart that I created is basically a means to purchase my product upfront. Aside from those who kindly choose to donate, everybody gets the product of their choice in return for their payment. 

Le livre, Teach Kindness First, est écrit. L'été qui s'en vient va me permettre de compléter les dernières étapes requises pour publier mon 1er livre. Les donateurs de La Ruche m'aideront avec la prévente des copies et la popularisation de ce projet. 

For as long as I can remember, I have felt the pull to write a book. I lived through some painful experiences at a young age but I have no interest in writing a sad story. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason; Life is constantly challenging us, and it is up to us to accept the situation and embrace the lesson.

My ultimate goal is to write a book that will not just inspire but also teach others how to choose happiness as well.

All the money will be used to produce and advertise the project, one way or another. I have many ideas for how to grow the idea - books for children, a version for corporations, etc. I would also like to develop workshops and conferences. 

Certainement! Les frais de livraison devront par contre être assumés par le donateur. 

Absolutely. However, the cost of delivery will be assumed by the supporter. I will gladly make it easy for supporters to avoid delivery costs by choosing a couple of convenient dates at a convenient location for pick-up once the product is available.

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