Receive a $7,500 loan from the Fonds ADM / 375 idées by filling the form below. The Fonds ADM / 375 idées is an initiative of the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Montreal (JCCM), in partnership with Aéroports de Montréal (ADM) and the Board of Governors of Montreal’s 375th anniversary. The purpose of this initiative is to promote Montreal’s young entrepreneurs and to financially encourage their projects, with the ultimate goal of increasing the city’s entrepreneurial activity. 

Selected projects that meet the eligibility requirements will receive a loan of $ 7,500 at a favorable rate of 2% and will be promoted throughout the JCCM network and by other founding partners.

Fonds ADM / 375 idées

Cajou Cuisine

Montreal Collected 111 % Asked amount : $10,000 Raised amount : $11,136 Total amount raised : $17,500 11 days remaining

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