Commerce Sherbrooke

Commerce Sherbrooke


To support commercial development in targeted initiative sectors within Sherbrooke (Downtown, King East st., St-Élie rd, Brompton area and Lennoxville).


Commerce Sherbrooke has made available 10,000 $ in 2019 in order to support crowdfunding campaigns active in targeted commercial initiative sectors. Projects supported by Commerce Sherbrooke can benefit financially from 1,250 $ to 3,250 $ on a first arrived, first served basis.


Depending on the crowdfunding campaign objective, a project can receive additionnal funds upon it's conclusion.

5,000 $ à 9,999 $ - 500 $ (1,250 $ total) *
10,000 $ à 19,999 $ - 1,500 $ (2,250 $ total) *
20,000 $ and over - 2,500 $ (3,250 $ total) *

* All projects are eligible to receive an additionnal 750 $ aimed at subsidizing technical expenses in order to produce a high quality video for their campaign. A segment of this video must speak to the commercial initiative sector where the campaign is being held.


  • The campaign video must promote, during a minimum of 30 seconds, the commercial initiative sector
  • If the project is sustained by a business, the head office must be located within the limits of a commercial initiative sector. Franchises of a pre-existing business already present in Sherbrooke are not eligible to the program.
  • If the project is sustained by another type of organization, or a private person, such as events, public space design, the project must be held solely on an commercial initiative sector.
  • All projects must have a sustained effect on the commercial vitality of the commercial initiative sector and neighboring areas.
  • Are inadmissible projects of erotic or lottery natures.


  • The 750 $ technical subsidy is only paid if the crowdfunding campaign is activated. The amount is transfered to the project promoter on the first day of campaigning.
  • The video content must be approved and authorized to be shared by Commerce Sherbrooke. 
  • The financial aid will only be paid to the project promoter upon campaign success.
  • Commerce Sherbrooke reserves the right to evaluate project eligibility.