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The website (the "Platform") wishes to offer its Users an environment that is safe and respectful of their privacy. Thus, LA RUCHE (La Ruche solution de financement), a non-profit organization duly incorporated under Part III of the Companies Act, the owner and operator of the Platform, unkertakes to respect and to protect the privacy of the Platform Users through a rigorous application of this privacy policy (the "Policy"). This Policy explains how LA RUCHE handles personal information collected in connection with your use of the Platform. This Policy also explains how you can ask questions and make suggestions about our practices regarding privacy, and review or update your personal information.

LA RUCHE recommends that you carefully read this Policy and return to it periodically, as it may be amended from time to time.

The definitions contained in the Terms of Use of the Platform are also applicable to this Privacy Policy.


As part of the operation of the Platform, LA RUCHE collects two types of information from Users: personal information and non-personal information.

By registering on the Platform, you agree to provide LA RUCHE with information that identifies you, such as your name, postal address, date of birth, phone number and email address (collectively, "Personal Information").

Please note that your date of birth is required to confirm that you are at least 18 years of age.

By using the Platform, you also agree to provide LA RUCHE with anonymous information, such as your Internet protocol address, the domain used to access the Platform, the type and version of browser or operating system you are using as well as the website you just visited and that which you will subsequently visit (collectively, the "Non-Personal Information"). As part of the operation of the Platform, LA RUCHE also collects aggregate information, such as demographic statistics about Users of the Platform (i.e. the average age or geographical distribution of Users), the number of visitors and the average time of use of the Platform. This information is also considered Non-Personal Information.

Your information of a financial nature, such as your bank details or credit card data, is not collected and/or stored by LA RUCHE. For more information on the terms of use of the Stripe service, please see the Terms of Use for this service.


The collection of Personal Information is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the Services offered via the Platform.

As part of the crowdfunding campaigns, collecting your personal information allows LA RUCHE to communicate the necessary information to interested parties. For example, a Contributor should be able to know which Promoter is in charge of a Project he, she or it finds of interest. Conversely, the Promoter whose campaign is successful must have access to the Registered Contributions of the Contributors.

Collecting your Personal Information also allows LA RUCHE to improve the Platform and to contact you if necessary.

Please note that LA RUCHE might use your Personal Information in the event that we would have reasonable grounds to believe that your Personal Information would be useful as part of an investigation related to an offense under a law applicable in Quebec, or to ensure the safeguarding or defense of a legal interest.


LA RUCHE undertakes not to sell or rent your Personal Information to anyone.

Please note that at any time, your username is not Personal Information and thus, it is visible by all Users of the Platform.

As part of the crowdfunding campaigns, LA RUCHE discloses the name (real name and company name) and the email address of a Promoter to Contributors interested in participating in a Project. When a crowdfunding campaign reaches or exceeds the Target within the Period, LA RUCHE transmits to Contributors who registered a Contribution, the phone number and mailing address of the Promoter of the Project concerned. The Promoter has access only to the user name of Contributors, whether they registered a Contribution or not. However, when a crowdfunding campaign reaches or exceeds the Target within the Period, LA RUCHE forwards to the Promoter of the Project the name, email address and mailing address of the Contributors who registered a Contribution for said Project.

Except for the above, LA RUCHE undertakes not to disclose your Personal Information to third parties without your prior consent thereto. In addition, before disclosing your Personal Information to third parties, the latter must commit to strict contractual conditions requiring them (i) to maintain the confidentiality of Personal Information transmitted to them; (ii) to preserve and to use such Personal Information only for the purposes set by the Platform and Services; and (iii) to destroy such Personal Information once they have been used for the purposes intended by the Platform.

Finally, LA RUCHE will disclose your Personal Information if we are required to do so by law, court order or an authority having the power to force us to disclose such Personal Information, or in order to safeguard or defend a legal interest.


At any time and subject to the obligations of LA RUCHE, you may correct or withdraw your consent regarding the use and disclosure of your Personal Information by contacting us. However, you acknowledge that access to the Platform and Services might then be denied to you at the sole discretion of LA RUCHE.


The Platform contains hyperlinks to external websites ("External Websites") that take you out of the Platform. LA RUCHE provides these hyperlinks to Users for convenience. The External Websites are not under the control of LA RUCHE, hence we invite you to consult the policy applicable to such External Websites with regards to confidentiality and privacy.


LA RUCHE takes all necessary technical, contractual and administrative measures to ensure the protection of your Personal Information.

LA RUCHE, its affiliates and their directors, employees and agents which have or could have access to your Personal Information are contractually bound to use it in accordance with this Policy.

Your Personal Information is stored directly on our servers. In the event that your Personal Information would be stored with a third party, note that the latter will have to comply with strict contractual terms requiring them to maintain the confidentiality of all Personal Information and use it only for purposes related to the execution of their services.

In order to ensure an additional level of security of your Personal Information, LA RUCHE recommends that you never disclose your username and password, as these give access to your account and your Personal Information. LA RUCHE also recommends that you carefully log off from your account and close your browser window when you are done using the Platform.


The Platform uses cookies (the "Cookies"). Cookies are small files installed on your hard drive by LA RUCHE’s servers to collect Non-Personal Information to improve the efficiency of the Platform.

By connecting to the Platform as a Contributor or a Promoter, LA RUCHE’s servers install certain Cookies on your computer, enabling the Platform to recognize your browser, your password and your preferences. Cookies allow LA RUCHE to improve the operation of the Platform and your use thereof.

Most browsers automatically accept Cookies, but it is possible for you to refuse or disable them by consulting your browser’s configuration options. However, if you refuse or disable Cookies, some features of the Platform may no longer be available. After your use of the Platform, it is also possible to delete Cookies.

Note that through the use of Cookies, LA RUCHE collects and preserves no Personal Information.


LA RUCHE retains your Personal Information during the whole active period of your account on the Platform. Upon deactivation of your account, LA RUCHE undertakes to destroy Personal Information related to your account.


At all times, LA RUCHE ensures that you can access your account and your Personal Information so that you may correct or delete it yourself. If you experience any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us using the contact details below.

In order for the Services offered by the Platform to be effective, it is essential to ensure that the Personal Information of your account is accurate and complete at all times.

At the request of a User, LA RUCHE undertakes to confirm whether or not it holds Personal Information about him, her or it, and to forward it to him, her or it as the case may be.

Should you no longer wish to receive by email the mailings to which you have subscribed, you can end your subscription at any time by following the instructions at the bottom of the email message.


For any questions, comments or suggestions about the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy of LA RUCHE, do not hesitate to contact us:


Last modified: May 6, 2020