The 400th and the Ça Bouge movement!

La Ruche is an initiative of Ça Bouge! movement! Born in the summer of 2009, Ça Bouge! Movement took shape with the excitement produced around the 400th Anniversary of Quebec city. The initiative came from numerous business people from the region who enjoyed the economic benefits of that period and expressed the desire to extend it.

In 2010, the Ça Bouge! movement became a registered NPO and soon a big project was born; the first Loto-Québec lottery dedicated strictly to a city: The lottery "Discover Quebec" was launched. This project has earned $ 80,000 to the organization and above all, was a great visibility for Quebec City.

In four years, $ 1.2 million were collected from the Quebec business community to stimulate the local economy and the vitality of their city. These amounts were reinvested through the Fonds des Grands Événements (Major Events Funds) in projects such as: Les Chemins Invisibles of Cirque du Soleil, Le Moulin à Images by Robert Lepage, the Red Bull Crashed Ice, managed by Gestev, the Cycling Grand Prix of Quebec, managed by Pro Tour and the Quebec Open Jeep Beach Volleyball.

Birth of La Ruche Quebec

 In April 2013, the Ça Bouge! movement creates a new initiative: La Ruche Quebec. In order to give the people the opportunity to contribute to the promotion of their city,  Ça Bouge! decided to innovate and expand its horizons by reaching out to  the population, and not exclusively businesses, with a brand new crowdfunding platform made exclusively to the benefits of the greater Quebec City area. Two years later, the 14 members of the Board terminated the activities of Ça Bouge! to focus solely on its crowdfunding platform that is growing in success.

Since its creation, the Board of Directors and the SM40 alliance offered many hours of assistance to hundreds of promoters on La Ruche. Whether as sponsors or as advisers in a cell meeting, they have enabled emerging and existing entrepreneurs to benefit from their experience and their network of contacts.

La Ruche has earned a relevant place in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Quebec region. Few initiatives do as much as La Ruche, by reuniting and putting together around a single project business people, promoters of ideas and projects and finally the citizens.

 Deploying La Ruche model outside of Quebec

After three years of operations, La Ruche Quebec has multiplied itself. Several regions have followed in the same footsteps and decided, to also have their La Ruche in their own region.

The other Ruches in effect:

- La Ruche Quebec

- La Ruche Montreal

- La Ruche Mauricie

Stay tuned! Other Ruches are preparing to buzz soon near you!