A campaign’s main steps

Ready to launch a project?

Here are a few steps to guide you:

1.Go to Launch a project

The first step is to create a promoter profile. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the platform. Take a look at the Successful projects on laruchequebec.com to get ideas for your own campaign. You have questions? La Ruche’s team is here to help you.


2. Identify the campaign’s goal

Reflect on the reason why you are raising funds and identify your crowdfunding campaign’s goal.


3. Identify the financial goal

You must set a realistic financial goal (attainable and achievable) taking into account the influence of your personal relationships, the reach of your communication means and the involvement of your community. 


If you have major donors or sponsors, they can contribute to your crowdfunding campaign.


It is good to know that for contributors to be charged at the end of your campaign, it must have reached 100% or its financial goal. The amount cannot be modified once the campaign is launched. It is therefore crucial to set a realistic amount from the start.


In order to judiciously set a financial goal, consider the following elements:

• How much you really need (in order for the project to happen if you reach your goal)
• How much the packaging and shipping of your perks will cost
• How much the transaction fees will be (see #7 in the Terms of Use for more details). Don’t worry, if your campaign doesn’t reach its goal, you will not be charged.


3. Decide on the campaign’s duration

A crowdfunding campaign lasts from 30 to a maximum of 9days. You can set your campaign’s duration to your convenience, according to your goals and reality. See the Successfully complete your campaign article for more information. Best practices suggest a duration between 40 and 45 days.


4. Define the perks structure

The perks structure is at the heart of crowdfunding. Think of appealing perks that will catch your contributors’ attention. If your organization is able to emit charitablereceipts, make sure to mention it. See the Explore projects section for inspiration.

5. Make the video

The solicitation video is a very important tool that will be posted to the website. It can be made very simply but it must be efficient. As it is often the first contact the contributors will have with your project, think about investing in a quality video.


Make sure to include the following information:

- Who you are

- The reason why you are soliciting people’s contribution (your campaign goal)

- What you’ll do with the amount raised (your commitment)


The video should last from 1 to 2 minutes in order to grab and keep your public’s attention. To get ideas for your video, see the Explore projects section.


6. Get La Ruche’s stamp of approval and tailored support

Once your profile is completed and your project has been published, one of La Ruche’s team members will contact you in order to learn more about your project and help you improve your campaign as it was initially submitted. Note that a published project can only be seen by La Ruche’s team members and is not yet online and visible to everyone.


7. Take part in a Cell (optional)

La Ruche is unique due to the human nature of its coaching which is made possible, largely, by the involvement of SM40 Ambassadors during Cells. Your project is ready? You are offered the oportunity to present it in a Cell event and benefit from the experience and expertise of the Ambassadors present. Their mandate is to improve your crowdfunding campaign. Note that although the Cell step is optional, we encourage you to use this opportunity to your advantage.


8. Getting your project online

This is it, you have everything you need? Your project will go online when you’re ready. A well constructed project meeting all eligibility criteria can be online in less than 24 hours. Now it’s up to you!


The key to success

The key to the success of a crowdfunding campaign is a combination of the promoter’s involvement and management of an efficient communication plan.


For more information, see our Successfully complete you campaign and Tips for promoters sections.