Successfully complete your campaign

Secure the necessary resources

successful crowdfunding project requires much time and energy. The biggest challenge is to get your project out there, to make it known and mobilize your network. Making sure your resources are sufficient is therefore crucial.


Create an efficient communication plan

One of the main aspects of a successful project is to have an effective communication plan and know how to mobilize your network (especially through social networks). If your current set up doesn’t allow this to be taken care of, consider hiring an external contractor to help you deal with this part.

1. Define your communication plan
2. Plan a strategic schedule for posting content on social networks


Activate your network

1. Request support from the people around you by sending each of them a personalized email along with your campaign’s link.
2. Involve people you know by having them become ambassadors of your crowdfunding campaign.
3. Get people talking, about you.


Get involved in your community

Contributors often support people who also encourage other projects. Make yourself known and become a reference of citizen involvement.