SM40 Ambassadors and The Cell

Personalized guidance through the involvement of its Ambassadors is what sets La Ruche apart and makes it stand out.


This involvement materializes when Cells take place. The Cell concept is simple: promoters have 30 minutes to present their campaign in front of 8 to 10 Ambassadors.


The Cell is really an exchange between Ambassadors and a promoter. Ambassadors comment, guide and give advice in order to offer the promoter their best shot at a successful crowdfunding campaign and multiply their chances of reaching their goal.


More specifically, the team of Ambassadors comment on your video and help you confirm and enhance your perks structure.


Get to know the SM40 Ambassadors in your region :


SM40 Ambassadors in Quebec City

SM40 Ambassadors in Montreal

SM40 Ambassadors in Mauricie


Contact us to know when the next Cell is going to take place.